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The key to achieving your goals and living the life you want is confidence in your own abilities. Some of the blocks and limiting beliefs are beneath the level of conscious awareness and cannot easily be changed; self-hypnosis is the most effective way to reach that part of your mind and allow yourself to become the confident person you want and deserve to become.


Listen to this recording once a day for a minimum of 21 days and start noticing the incredible change. 

Practice this self-hypnosis ideally right before going to sleep at night as this is the optimal time for self-hypnosis. 

During REM sleep or in the moments right before falling into deep sleep, your brain is in the Theta Brainwave state which makes you much more receptive to suggestion. 

Harness the power of your subconscious mind by using hypnosis to implement the change you want and achieve your goals!

Download now and get started today!



***Do not use this recording while driving or whilst operating machinery.  Only listen when you can fully relax, and you are able to bring your full attention and awareness to your complete comfort and focus on the words you will be hearing.

Confidence & Self Esteem

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