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Client Testimonials

Our clients' testimonials and recommendations speak louder than anything we might have to say.
Here are some of our clients experiences with our products and how hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis benefited them.

Brenda Oblitas

I'm glad I contacted Daniela; she has broken the chains of anxiety that have crippled me for too many years.

She has brought out the best of me. We have found and worked on my trauma.

I am more confident, sleeping more and  able to drive again.

I was able to take a road trip with my family without any panic attacks and actually enjoy my vacation.

I am more happy and enjoying life again.

Chiara Mauceri

I would recommend Daniela to anyone who is dealing with anxiety issues, to anyone who is feeling lost or a failure. She is a great listener and with her empowering scripts she helped me regain confidence in myself; thanks to her I was able to finish my studies. I now face every situation with an incredible sense of being able to succeed.

Cayce Kiley

Your exam anxiety hypnosis has helped me and many other students in get through severe test anxiety. We are studying court reporting, and the pressure can be immense. I was shaking like a leaf and holding my breath during tests, which was throwing off my ability to actually take the test at all.

I listen to the recording now at least twice a week. My nerves are almost non-existent. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Amelia Tundrea

I got to Daniela when my life was a mess, I had often depressive episodes and I couldn’t see a way out of those moods. She helped me overcome my fears, trust myself and trust the world again. She makes you see open doors where before were only walls. Beside the fact that she’s a professional, Daniela is also an amazing person.

I highly recommend her!

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